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Special Blends path  is a new gourmet trail mix company that specializes in giving the outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, biking, hunting, or other outdoor activities a new taste.  Here at Special Blends, our focus consists of high-quality trail mixes that are packed with protein and flavor. We say good-bye to just raisins and nuts and say hello to excitement of flavors that bring a balance of nuts, granola, and wholesome fruit.  The company was developed from a passion for baking plus nutrition and when blended together it becomes gourmet.  

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 Special Blends, focus consists of high-quality trail mixes that are packed with protein and flavor.  Our mix of nuts and fruits will supercharge your body with the  protein and carbohydrates that are needed to go that extra mile.  


Not your Grannie's German Chocolate


This can't compare to your Granny"s  

German Chocolate cake, but it is a delightful blend of chocolate, coconut, and nuts that make this trail mix satisfy that desire for chocolate while keeping you healthy.

$5.99      5oz

French Apple Pie


Apple pie is one of American favorites and this will be yours with the smoothness of creamy vanilla squares with apples and nuts for a healthy snack.

$5.99      5oz

A Nutty Mango


A Nutty Mango is consider our classic trail mix.  Fruit and nuts mixed together to give you a refreshing blend of citrus and nuts.  

$5.99      5 oz

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